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Discover API Manager, a comprehensive solution for end-to-end API management, meticulously developed by the experts at Soha Tech. Our tool is designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of your API lifecycle, from creation to deployment and monitoring. Here's what API Manager brings to your tech stack Robust Infrastructure: Built on a foundation of Microservices architecture, API Manager is versatile enough to deploy on both cloud and conventional infrastructures Its integration with Spring Cloud ensures a seamless and scalable environment for your APIs

Internal SSO and Security: Security is paramount in the digital world. API Manager comes equipped with an internal Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, bolstering security and simplifying user authentication across your services
Comprehensive Access and Limit Management: With API Manager, control is in your hands. You can manage access to predefined APIs, set authorizations, and enforce various limits, including time-based constraints and requests-per-period. This ensures a balanced and efficient use of your API resources
Detailed Logging and Integration: Keeping track of your API's performance and issues is made easy with API Manager's robust logging capabilities. Log data can be stored in databases or files and integrated with distributed logging systems like ELK, offering a clear view of your API's health and activity
Custom API Creation and Management: Flexibility is at the core of API Manager. Users can define new APIs from various sources, including external APIs, and apply security measures and limitations as needed. The tool allows you to manage input and output parameters, map requests and responses, and create complex workflows, tailoring each API to your specific requirements